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Petitioning For: Novice I ║ O.'.I.'. /S.'.O.'.T.'.O.'. Probationer I ║



The First Degrees Initiation

The Illuminati Order is Para Masonic, Sovereign and Independent, inheriting an order of the Illuminati of Bavaria of Adam Weishaupt, founded the 1 of May of 1776. Para Masonic is denominated, because it does not assume the Landmarks (norms) of the modern masonry, but has a Masonic tradition.

The Illuminati Order works with the Operative Rite of Illuminated of Bavarian known as The thirteen degrees of initiation elaborated by Gabriel Lopez de Rojas. The Rite of thirteen degrees of the Illuminati Order is nourished of the degrees of the Rite of the Illuminated ones of Bavaria of century XVIII; of the Old and Accepted Scottish Rite of 33 degrees; as well as the initiatory experience of Lopez de Rojas in several traditional routes of initiation like cabala.


The thirteen degrees of the Operative Rite of the Illuminated ones of Bavaria are:

Novice (I║)

Illuminated Minerval (II║)

Illuminated Major and Illuminated Minor (III║)

Caballero Mason (Apprentice IV║, V║ Companion and Master VI║)

Illuminated Leader (Sovereign Prince of Rose Cross VII║

Horseman Kadosh VIII║ and Sovereign Great Chief inspector IX║)

Illuminated Priest (X║)

Illuminated Prince (XI║)

Magician Philosopher (XII║)

Man King (XIII║)

Moreover, Rite Illuminated of Bavaria the Operative Illuminati Order assume the System of initiation created by Gabriel Lopez de Rojas who denominates Redism.



Firstly being degree of initiation work of the Illuminati Order is Novice I║ , since we have seen when enumerating the degrees of the Operative Rite of the Illuminated ones of Bavaria. It has 4 months of duration and is centered in waking up of the conscience and the inner God, the meditation, yoga, the symbolismů It is an ethical training for the order and helps to understand the revolutionary aims as well.

Secondly aiming primary target of the Novice I║ is that the member acquires knowledge and begins to discover oneĺs inner God, greatness, capacities and principles like the: freedom, equality and brotherhood

Also Novice I║ is understandable and pleasant and it is made up of material of study and initiation work for four months, a ritual of Self Initiation, an individual rite, the Liber TZiˇn and a diploma that credits to the property and the degree in the Illuminati Order.

It is possible to clarify that the degrees of work of the Illuminati Order, from the t Novice I║ degree XIII ║, do not force to go to chapters, or to make a ritualistic work next to other initiates. They either do not force to a later relation of any type with the organization and members.

New members can email and see about up coming first degree initiation at Grand Lodge OthroerirNo. 1 USA or other pLodges. Otherwise the new initiate can go through a self initiation.

The Illuminati Order Novice I║ degree costs a payment of only of $45 USD, nothing else to receive the request of interested in email and the approved being the same one.

Members pay a $5.00 monthly due to Grand Lodge Othroerir that starts the month following their receiving 1' degree materials.

Members receive a membership card book. The first year a one year book and upon second year of membership a 5 year book. Each month an initiate pays their $5.00 due to Grand Lodge Othroerir No.1 USA they receive a dues stamp that goes into the member card book.

With the card book you can identify yourself to a lodge you wish to petition to join wherever nationally or internationally. Also it enables you to get into regional, national and international events.

In addition up to date on dues members will receive access to our unlimited online library we have under construction as well.

For Latin America either other zones of the Earth with precarious economies the more, the Illuminati Order simply asks for a symbolic payment of a quota $20 USD or their equivalent one in dollars.

Members in third world or countries economically oppressed too extremes by capitalist imperialism can always have their lodge delegate forward their dues after having them all gathered to G.L.O. / USA No. 1 This saves them on the cost of each member sending a monthly due individually. USA, European and North American Lodges can do the same as well. Just make sure to confirm with USA Grand Lodge who your appointed Lodge Delegate is. They will place the stamp onto your card upon receiving the due.


The Societas O.:T.:O.:

As for the Societas O.:T.:O.: is based on grades or Initiatory System Rite Society Astrum Argentum and the O.:T.:O.:, heir to the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misra´m of the O.:T.:O.: of Aleister Crowley, as well as the degrees of the Rite Operating from The Illuminated of Bavaria of 13 degrees of initiation rites among other institutions and operations.

In short, the system or Rite Initiation our Societas O.:T.:O.: under the name Rite of Memphis-Misra´m, was divided into 9 degrees of initiation:

Probationer (I║)

Minerval. (Hierophant of the Earth) (II║)

White Knight or Master Freemason (Hierophant of Tahuti) (III║)

Scottish or Master Mason Temple. (Supervisor Ahathor temple) IV║

Rosicrucian Knight, or the star of dawn and dusk (Pitcher of the war ship of the sun) V║

Or Historic Templar Templar Kadosh (Warlord) VI║

Mystic Templar or Inspector General of the Illuminati (less than Hierophant of the mysteries of Amun) VII║

Eastern or Priest Templar Lit (Hierophant greater or High Priest of Nuit) IX║

Lit Perfect or Rex Summus Sanctissimus (Hierophant supreme or high priest of Ra Hoor-Khuit) (X║)

The grades come first or System Rite Freemasonry come from the so-called conventional or symbolic, and the Society O.:T.:O.:-Astrum.: Argentum.:, heirs of the Ancient and Primitive Rite of Memphis-Misra´m of the O.:T.:O.: of Aleister Crowley, and the upper grades come from studies and degrees inherent in the Illuminati Order, a high Masonic degrees of R \ E \ A \ and A \, of the York Rite and Freemasonry called Mystic, finally, S.:O.:T.:O.:, also condenses gradations Hermetic teachings and the Order of the Golden Dawn, Rosicrucian Order, The Knights of Malta, Teutonic Knights, Knights, Templar, among others.

Thus we can say that our Societas O.:T.:O.: lineage belongs to the only direct descendant of Aleister Crowley, that of Bersson-Motta-Germer-Crowley, who is the only part of the Illuminati, and has a Masonic tradition difficult to overcome, for the enormous wealth of the Rites of that nurtured.

One aim of the Societas O.:T.:O.: is to pass the Rite of Memphis-Misra´m Operating a Masonic Rite which is based on important Masonic degrees and is based on operational work (yoga, Tantra, Cabal, symbolism, alchemy) that transforms the initiate.

In grades of the Rite, are respected pillars of initiation: the will, the methodical and orderly, consistent, the awakening of consciousness and the god within ..., and present traditional initiation pathways (yoga, tantra, cabal, symbolism, alchemy ...), which culminates with the initiation process.

Combining The Rite or Societas O.:T.:O.: system transmits an initiation that helps raise awareness and inner divinity and, ultimately, connects and transforms oneself into one's own divinity initiated in divine androgyny, androgyny in alchemy, always looking for it externally projecting its internal evolution.

Proclaims the Societas O.:T.:O.: Liber TZion, a text which is revealed by the carriers of light, and the Liber Legis, Aleister Crowley revealed by Aiwass in 1904, texts for Freedom and Equality and other texts of equal value initiatory.

Without freedom, maintaining the "chain" and the work of initiation and evolution are unworkable. Without equality, we are "murderers" from other parts of the Creation of the Great Architect of the Universe and unworthy of initiation.

The Liber TZion proclaims the New Era of TZion, the Aeon of Men God based on Liberty, Equality, and Brotherhood, cancels the previous holy books and is a step forward with respect to the Crowley's Liber Al Vel Legis (The Book Of The Law).

Although with Light of God Baphomet, you should have a basic idea with him only the initiation is complete. In slavery to the gods and their "shackles", the work of initiation is "castrated" and full initiation is not possible.

A member of the Societas O.:T.:O.: should work individually all grades, because grades and lessons are well understood and the true initiation is a matter of self. The grades are just a symbolic map-scheme whereby he must progress to the effort.

The head of Societas O.:T.:O.: our main task is to ensure the structure, the Rite or System and lessons, as well as meet members who require it. It also has the duty to choose the Shemsu Hor or Council of Horus and his successor as head of the Order.

The international extension of the Societas O.:T.:O.: has been constant since its inception. The Societas O.:T.:O.: members in over twenty countries in America and Europe mainly, or Heads Chapters (lodges, etc.).

Our Societas O.:T.:O.: sends the first Probationer degree to him/her, and a degree introductory to the Golden internal Dawn (Vestibule and Antechamber), after receiving the payment of the only quota of the degree: $45.00 USD.

Send an email and contact and we will send you a questionnaire to determine how well aligned you are with our philosophy and aims. Then you can be accepted as a first degree initiate.


Novice I ░ First Degree Illuminati Order $45.00

Probationer I ░ First Degree Society O.:T.:O.: $45.00

Illuminati Order / Society O.:T.:O.: